Your needs:
We are able to provide a range of equipment
for your lighting needs. Using quality and reliability
as our prerequisite for a successful implementation, we are confident that our clients will be more than satisfied with our systems.
Our Range:
Stocking a range of luminaries from the 'workhorse' Par-can series to the more comprehensive Intelligent (robotic) devices, we can cater for a variety of needs. Where your requirements are not available from our own primary stock, we are able to source these from our established and trusted suppliers.
Lightprovider can provide:
* Generic & Intelligent Lighting Fixtures
* Moving Wash & Moving Spot Lights
* Static Wash & Colour Changers/Colour Mixing
* LED Wash Lights & Colour Changers
* Outdoor Architectural High Power Colour Changers
* Followspots, Gobo Projectors & Accessories
* Truss, Truss Adaptors, Couplers & Fittings
* Medium & Heavy Duty Wind-up Floor Stands
* Electrical Distribution & Cabling, Multi-Phase
* Dimmer Racks, Multiplexers & Signal processing
* Lighting Control Desks & Data Cabling
* Bespoke Control Software & Hardware
* Exhibition Trussing & Lighting
* Effects, Studio quality Hazers