Lightprovider is able provide a range of services from simple installations to lighting complex events and shows.

We are based in Wiltshire UK and generally cater for medium sized venues. Combined with experience of many varying types of event we can offer a solution in numerous fields of the entertainment industry. We work closely with our skilled and trusted associates to broaden the range of expertise available, enabling provision of a complete package where required.

The Office at Melksham Assembly Hall by Lightprovider

We are able to provide:

* Generic and Intelligent Stage Lighting rigs
* Lighting Technicians/Programmers and Operators
* Permanent Lighting Installations
* Event/Site Electrical Distribution and Lighting
* Architectural Lighting and Displays
* Bespoke Software/Hardware for Lighting control
* Sound/Audio Control and Full PA/Sound Systems
* Sound Technicians/Operators
* Professional Broadcast Quality Film Production.
* Electrical Installation and Testing

We pride ourselves on flexibility combined with a vast range of experience of all types of entertainment events. Our preferred working model is one of a complete service. This includes not only the provision and delivery of lighting solutions but its installation and operation throughout your event.
If you have previous experience in organizing and running productions, you will probably have in mind exactly what you are aiming to achieve and how to reach your goals. However, whatever your background, we will set out to help you identify requirements for a successful production in terms of lighting, other equipment, facilities and skilled personnel.
Events Small or Large: We will be pleased to supply as much or as little equipment as you require for your event whatever its size. Although we specialise in Medium sized venues typically catering for an audience of 300 to 1000 people, we have experience with much larger events where audience figures often extend into several thousands.
Having established good working relationships with many mainstream event facilitators we are able to find you the right people for your production. We have the contacts if you have the budgets!